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Personalise bulk messaging at scale for better results with insightful data

 Send 1,00,000+ messages without getting blocked.
 Brand name visible in customer WhatsApp chat
 Run your campaigns and sell to best responses.


Shared Team Inbox for centralised chats and team collaboration

Manage 1000+ new support request easily with auto assign to right agents
Track each support request with right tagging, data and filters with analytics
Increase team productivity with no code automation and integration.


Increase sales with WhatsApp catalog, native
payments, & reduce churn with right message

 Bring your shopify or ecommerce website into WhatsApp catalog.
 Easy & complete buying experience inside WhatsApp chat like Jio Mart
 Razorpay and native payment for faster checkout.
 Orders notification, payment reminders and abundant card recovery.

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Automate your messages on WhatsApp with no code chatbot builder and Integrate with

your CRM, Payments, Google Sheet or any tech stack that you use.

API Automation

Send message, Add contacts, run campaign and do automation using our vast api integration

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With 100+ native integration, we got your business use case covered for any kind of automation requirement

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing

WhatsTool Business is a complete WhatsApp api platform to grow your business with automation and analytics in marketing, sales and support.

To get started to using WhatsApp Business API you need the following three things

  1. Facebook Business account
  2. A phone number
  3. Business with a valid website and registration

We help you free of cost to get WhatsApp Business API. Create your account to start the process of getting WhatsApp Business API.

Using WhatsApp Business API through our platform has two charges.

  1. Subscription charges – based on the plan you choose for your business, this is a monthly/annual recurring charges.
  2. WhatsApp conversation charges – as per the category of conversation initiated and country of the recipient.

There is no extra charges to get green tick. We help you get verified green tick.
To get green tick you need to have following things

  1. A WhatsApp Business API number
  2. Verified Facebook Business account
  3. online published article on popular news/media websites

Business phone numbers are initially limited to 250 business-initiated conversations in a 24-hour moving period, but this limit can be increased.

Increasing Your Limit

Messaging limits can be increased to the following:

  • 1K business-initiated conversations
  • 10K business-initiated conversations
  • 100K business-initiated conversations
  • An unlimited number of business-initiated conversations

You can increase your messaging limit to 1K on your own using the following methods. Higher limits, however, can only be achieved through automatic scaling, which happens after your limit has been increased to 1K.

The blocking of your number will depend on the quality rating of phone number.

Your quality rating is a rating based on the recent messages that your customers have received over the past seven days. This rating is determined by the feedback from your customers, such as the reason to block your phone number and other reporting issues.

You can find the quality rating in the WhatsTool Business setting with the Phone numbers. The Quality rating column displays the quality states, including:

  • Green: High quality
  • Yellow: Medium quality
  • Red: Low quality

You can become eligible for more features when your business maintains a High quality rating. When the user blocks your business, they can select a block reason, including No longer neededDidn’t sign upSpamOffensive messages or No reason.

  1. WhatsApp Business app is a free-to-download app that makes it easy for businesses to interact professionally with customers using tools to automate and quickly respond to messages.
  2. WhatsApp Business API is a collection of APIs and tools that allows medium and enterprise businesses to interact with their customers via WhatsApp at scale. Using WhatsApp APIs, businesses can connect thousands of agents and bots to interact with customers either automatically or manually. WhatsApp APIs also integrate with diverse backend systems like customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing platforms.

Yes, to get the brand name visibility you need to get your facebook business verified. We help you get this done. It is not required to get green tick to show your brand.

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