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Powerful Features that you need

All Plans of WhatsTool Business are Inclusive of these features

Free Whatsapp Business API

Get Whatsapp Business API Approval within 2 days (Free with any plan)

Multi Agent Live Chat

Enable Multiple Human-Agent Live Chat Support on the same Whatsapp Number

Broadcast Unlimited Campaigns

Broadcast Messages up to 1,00,000 users in one day

Connect Your APIs

Easily Connect with Shopify, Salesforce, WooCommerce, Zapier, Payment Portals, CRMs & more

Connect no Code A.I. Chatbots

Connect No-Code Chatbots from Google Dialogflow in a Single Click

Import and Export Contacts

Import Opted-In Contacts and Broadcast Messages seamlessly

Template Messages Approvals

Quick Fast Template Message Approval Process (2-3 Days) via Interactive Dashboard

Send Personalised Messages

Use User attributes effectively to send personalised campaigns

Chat CRM Included

Manage Contacts & Create segregated audience using various tags, attributes & more

Why Choose Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is the One Platform that brings together Actionable Notifications & Customer Support!

95% Open Rates

45-60% Click Rates

2 Bn+ Users

Experience Whatsapp Smart Notifications Now

Which Notification would you like to Experience? Choose one & we will send it instantly on your Whatsapp

Get WhatsApp Business API in 10 Minutes

WhatsTool Perform is powered by Official Whatsapp Business APIs and is in
alignment with all Whatsapp Rules.

Get Verified Green Tick on your Whatsapp Broadcast upto 100,000
Notifications 24*7 Chat Support by WhatsTool Team

Official WhatsApp API Key-Points

  • Pre-requisites for Official WhatsAPP
  • Documents and other requirements to get an Official WhatsApp API account created.
You will need the following to get started:
  1. Email,
  2. Live website URL,
  3. Facebook account, A mobile number that has never been previously used on WhatsApp,
  4. Company formation document available in your country,
  5. Company address proof document such as tax certificate etc.
  • Can I send any kind of message using official WhatsApp account?
You can send any kind of image, video, document message with official WhatsApp account, but please do note that you need to get the message template approved from WhatsApp first using our panel. Template approval takes around 5 mins to up to 24 hours duration.
  • Verified Green Tick

Yes. But green-tick verification is subject to Facebook policies. Check your business eligibility for Green-tick verification here.

  • Set-up Charge

Completely free

  • Banning of Numbers

No, the number will not get banned unless reported or blocked by a significantly large number of users for several consecutive days.

  • Set-up Time

Application is processed immediately. Approval from Facebook may take 1-5 days.

  • How it works

Use Contact Management and Campaign Management to send bulk messages.

  • Number of WhatsApp messages per day
  • Per message charge
  • Meta, parent company of WhatsApp charges message cost and it needs to be paid to them.






₹ 0.7265

₹ 0.3082



₹ 3.7851

₹ 2.34

₹ 2.106


₹ 3.0111

₹ 1.4653

₹ 2.1979


₹ 4.5808

₹ 2.5652

₹ 2.3087


₹ 6.3037

₹ 1.466

₹ 1.3194

360Dialog vs WhatsApp Cloud API


WhatsApp Cloud API

Mandatory to Recharge after 1000 message in all plan except in Free plan (after 500 message)

Mandatory to Recharge after 1000 message in all plan except in Free plan (after 500 message)

Security Deposit of Rs 2000 is mandatory at the start of plan. It will be refunded at the end if you inform about your removal of account before 60 days.

No security Deposit Required

Recharge will include WhatsApp charges. For Example for Recharge of Rs1000 user will get 1800 BIC = 1700x0.49(BIC) + 0.10 (WTB platform free)x1700

Recharge will not include WhatsApp charges & will only be our platform fee. For Example for Recharge of Rs1000 user will be able to send 10,000 messages because we will only charge platform free

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