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Empowering with the power of WhatsApp to Businesses

for their growth in sales, marketing & customer support

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We are in the mission to create the same impact for business that WhatsApp created for the users and businesses across the world. We want to empower business and teams with the tools for their growth in sales, support and marketing. Your growth is our mission.


Customers First​

Delivering customers what they need is our first priority

Providing Best

We always work hard to provide best for our customer in their growth

Being Loyal

We always wish to gain customer’s trust and loyal

Part of the Team

We always try to be the part of our customer’s team to solve the issue


“We are a team working together to empower each other through our work, skills and support in the growth of our clients.”

Sujeet Kumar Mehta – CEO & Founder

Ashish Kumar

App Developer

whatsapp api

Mayank Kumar

Software Developer


Madhushree BJ

UI/UX Designer


Animesh Dey

Backend Developer


Prashant Tiwari

Founder's office marketing

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Himanshu Mittal

Web Developer

whatsapp api

Shashikiran Shetty

Quality Analyst

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Komal Singh

IT Support

whatsapp api

Vrathika Billava

IT Support

whatsapp api

Purnima Kumari

Customer Success Manager

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Ashika HN

IT Support

whatsapp api

Nithin S

IT Support


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