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WhatsApp API solution for Online
course providers


Trusted by 2500+ global brands and leaders of unicorns

Save time and manual effort
using Automation
  • With Setup Automatic replies you can save time and manual effort on repeated enquiries
  • Automated messages for FAQs – Set up predefined replies for frequently asked questions
  • Qualify quality leads from lot of enquiries, requests with the whatsApp Chatbot feature
Send Broadcast Messages and
Notification to selected Audience
python-class-left -whatsapp-api
  • Instant Notifications – WhatsApp notifies students about lectures, tests, assignments, etc.
  • Improve course completion rate with timely, personalised notification on Student progress and gamified messages
  • Send webinar reminder on WhatsApp
  • Retarget old leads or paid users – With our segmentation and retargeting feature
Recover the rate of
Abandoned Carts
  • 1000 of online course providers recovered their Abandoned Carts and got 50000+ admission using WhatsTool Business
Provide customer support
and collect feedback online
  • Provide 24/7 Chat Support – With Whatsapp automatic chatbot, and agent support
  • Take course feedback on WhatsApp automatically
Use Team Chat to solve queries by
assigning people for that particular task
Communicate better to support high quality
Online course with WhatsApp
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