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Sync your catalog from
Website to WhatsApp
  • This enables your customer to browse and experience your product on WhatsApp and order while chatting.
Sales Marketing
Taking order while chatting and
sending in cart Increased Sales
  • Add to cart is all we love to do. Customers can do same on WhatsApp too with the help of WhatsTool Business.
  • This helps to increase the sales.
Send Payment link automatically
just after the product selection
  • This reduces the friction of users from switching tabs and extra hassle and increased the conversion of add to card to payment ration.
Customer love the notification
of order they made
  • You can set the order notification which can be very satisfying to the customers who made his hard earned money
  • This improves customer experience to next level
Target the right audience with
right information
  • Segmentation helps to hit the bulls eye and when you do that many magic can happen.
  • Increase in sale is what segmentation can bring.
Chatbot Templates for
Sales Industry
E-commerce chat

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WhatsApp is the best marketing
channel with 95% open rates
within 2 minutes of message delivery
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